Microsoft is selling ‘adults only’ Xbox controller

Microsoft is selling ‘adults only’ Xbox controller
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15th Mar 2023 16:03

Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S controllers are some of the best console pads ever made, with the sleek carbon design eclipsing that annoyingly brutal PlayStation Dualsense malarkey that gives you a workout when casting spells in Hogwarts Legacy or shooting in Call of Duty.

Nonetheless, it's a controller for every player to marvel in the ergonomic design of...right? Wrong. According to Walmart, only mature players can wield an Xbox Series X|S controller, as they are now selling off an "adults only" version of the pad we've become accustomed to.

Walmart lists 'adults only' Xbox controller

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Strangely enough, an 18+ controller sounds pretty cool. Does it have joysticks? Does it have a different sort of vibration technique that heightens senses? Does it come as a GTA crossover and emit some of the mary jane out of a built-in smoke machine whenever you're in Trevor's truck? It's certainly piqued our interest.

But instead, Walmart is now listing Microsoft's standard Xbox controller online as "adults only", and we're a bit confused as to why. As far as we know, there's nothing risque about your standard Xbox controller. 

What makes the Xbox controller "adults only"? According to Windows Central, nothing. Maybe it's a result of the games also being listed as 18+, but it doesn't seem to have any additional features that might be labelled as not safe for kids.

Instead, the pad is a standard Xbox Wireless Controller for the Series X|S, which is a popular choice for many gamers.

Xbox 'Adults Only' controller is on sale

Adults Only Xbox controller
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Rockstar Games

The adults only Xbox controller is even on sale with a solid 33% discount, bringing it down from $59.99 to $39.99. Microsoft has an almost identical sale on right now, so you can get the Carbon Black Xbox Wireless Controller (without the age restriction) for the same price. 

There's seeming nothing adult about Walmart's version, meaning no gory horror theme, no x-rated wraps, and no mature replacements for the analogue sticks. Then again, neither Walmart nor Microsoft have spoken about whether the listing is an accident. 

Adult Xboc Controller
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It's true that Xbox has a tonne of 18+ games like Cyberpunk 2077Elden Ring, and the upcoming release of Diablo IV, but to slap a restriction on a simple controller that doesn't swap buttons for breasts is an odd one. 

For those of you who were looking for something a little raunchier, we're sorry to disappoint. Maybe, those at Walmart simply think those under 18 might try swallowing the pad on the ASMR Twitch category and class it as a choking hazard... 

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