Metal Gear Solid Remake Reportedly Coming To PS5

Metal Gear Solid Remake Reportedly Coming To PS5
Images: Konami

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Joseph Kime


5th Dec 2022 09:31

Rumours of more Metal Gear Solid have been doing the rounds for some time now, and it seems like fans are incredibly eager to pick them up and treat them as gospel.

The series has been in a serious drought, and with Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima no longer attached after his long and public falling-out with Konami, many fans have been concerned that its future was on shaky ground.

The movie based on the franchise starring Oscar Isaac remains up in the air, and a new game seems a way off. Thankfully, word of a remake of the original game is on the move, and fans couldn't be more excited.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Is Reportedly A PS5 Exclusive

As reported by Areajugones, a new rumour has blasted onto the scene. It indicates that not only is an announcement for a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid game on the way, but it's also set to be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

The publication states that the news comes courtesy of a source that doesn't wish to reveal their identity, but that the game is set to be revealed "quite soon." It means we could be in for an announcement at The Game Awards if this rumour is to be believed. 

Of course, it's worth taking with a healthy pinch of salt, but it's certainly fascinating that the game would not skip other consoles and the PS4. It looks like the game could be pretty demanding.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Is A Hoax

It's especially fascinating to receive this news in the run-up to The Game Awards, as a mysterious video was revealed that indicated a reveal of a remake for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater could be coming to the awards ceremony - but the video has since been debunked as a hoax.

This is a crying shame, as to see the elusive third game brought to life in Unreal Engine 5 would be a dream for many - but we'll just have to settle for a remake of the first game. We're certainly not complaining.

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