Meta Quest+ is a PS Plus style subscription service for Quest 2 & 3

Meta Quest+ is a PS Plus style subscription service for Quest 2 & 3
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Alex Garton


26th Jun 2023 17:17

Rather than buying a game outright, a lot of players prefer to subscribe to a monthly service that gives them access to a catalogue of titles or new experiences each month.

Meta has decided to step into the subscription space with their VR headsets, but rather than offering a huge number of titles at once a la Xbox Game Pass, they're rolling out a couple of games a month.

Announcing Meta Quest+, the subscription will provide players with a set of new VR experiences each month.

Here's everything we know about Meta Quest+ so far including the compatible devices, the price, and when it will become available.

Meta announces Meta Quest+ VR games subscription service

On the first day of each month, Meta Quest+ subscribers will receive two VR titles to enjoy and add to their collection. It's worth noting this service is available to owners of the Quest 2, the Quest Pro, and is forward-compatible with the Quest 3.

Beginning on July 1, subscribers can look forward to Cloudhead Games’ physical action-rhythm FPS Pistol Whip and the arcade adventure Pixel Ripped 1995.

As for August, there are another two exciting titles in line with Mighty Coconut’s Walkabout Mini Golf and MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE.

As long as you're a Meta Quest+ subscriber, you get to keep each title, meaning the 'value builds over time.'

How much will Meta Quest+ cost each month?

Meta Quest+ price
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Until July 31, users can lock in a $1 introductory offer for their first month, allowing them to test out the service for a significantly reduced price.

After this, each subsequent month will cost $7.99 or $59.99 if you'd prefer to pay annually and save yourself some money in the long run.

Either way, this is certainly an interesting service for meta VR owners and a way for you to build up your catalogue of VR titles over an extended period of time.

So, if you're a Meta VR owner, this may be worth checking out, even if you only make use of the $1 offer.

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