Massive Modern Warfare 2 leak reveals every gun still coming

Massive Modern Warfare 2 leak reveals every gun still coming
Images via Infinity Ward

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Joseph Kime


29th Mar 2023 09:27

Since its launch in 2022, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has walked a thin line. Despite critiques of a slow rollout, some theorise the shooter is just getting started when it comes to content. 

Call of Duty has well and truly steered into the live-service gaming world. With constant updates and new content coming every so often, the devs are doing all they can to ensure that interest in Modern Warfare 2 remains absolutely as high as possible.

If you want more from Infinity Ward, it looks like there are plenty of throwbacks still to come - all thanks to some new guns set to debut in the game.

Modern Warfare 2 is bringing back the Intervention

A new leak has revealed that there are huge swathes of weapons yet to join the current Call of Duty mainline title, including some fan-favourite picks.

Twitter account Task Force Leakers 141 has revealed that names for new weapons have been found in the game's code, with some of them being more easily deciphered than others.

The list features the return of the Kali Sticks, a strong pick from the game's melee weapon roster - but digging deeper reveals much more.

Further theories on the game' codenames have dug up suggestions that the Intervention, the Tec-9, and the FR 5.56 FAMAS could be making their comeback in the new title.

This will be great news for those who picked up MW2 thanks to its connection to the classic Modern Warfare 2 game, and those who have been waiting for the perfect gun to pull off a tasty trickshot.

When are the new Modern Warfare 2 guns coming to the game?

Though there are naturally no dates attached to these lines of code, many of these weapons (most prominently the FAMAS) are expected to arrive in the game during the upcoming Season 3.

Of course, this remains just a leak and no dates are confirmed. Take it all with a pinch of salt, but it's an exciting suggestion that Season 3 could get some much-needed support at a time fandom is waning. 

We know that new weapons will be coming, meaning we're yet another step closer to figuring out exactly what we're getting. And if we're getting the Intervention, it's over for you all!

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