Massive Dead Island 2 Leak Confirms 2023 Release

Massive Dead Island 2 Leak Confirms 2023 Release
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18th Aug 2022 08:56

Dead Island 2 has been in a bit of a sorry state. After the first game didn't quite meet the expectations of players wanting an exotic zombie-chopping romp, the second game was forced into a development hell limbo that rivals Duke Nukem Forever.

While the series has laid dormant, rumblings that the name will be reappearing after all this time as a revamped retry of what the first game made attempt to create have become more and more alluring. Fans are getting ready for a return to the island that could make up for the mistakes of the first title. Now an incredibly dramatic leak confirms that it's coming... and it's coming soon.

What Is The Dead Island 2 Leak? 

A massive leak has revealed a wealth of details about Dead Island 2, including screenshots, story details, and a release date. Remembering that Dead Island 2 was first announced in 2014, some never thought we'd see this day. As reported by notorious Twitter leaker Wario 64, the Day One edition of the game is now available to be pre-order on Amazon.

The brand-new listing and page have revealed the game's cover art and new looks at gameplay. Dead Island 2 looks to embrace the silliness that the first game seemed unwilling to engage in, with the cover art featuring a man, cocktail in hand, on a pool floaty with a sword by his side.

The screenshots boast zombies in bright bicycle helmets, chains and sunglasses, and even showcases an electrified bat that the player can wield. The story takes players across Los Angeles, with six different characters to choose from. The military has retreated, meaning only you and the zombies remain - all that's left for you to do is find the truth about the release of the zombie pathogen.

When Is Dead Island 2 Coming Out?

This whopping leak has given us a great peek behind the curtain, but it has also come with a release date that isn't all that far off. If the Amazon listing is to be believed, Dead Island 2 is launching on February 6 2023.

February 2023 is already stocked thanks to Hogwarts Legacy, and although Dead Island 2 is a very different demographic, this makes the month even more packed to the brim with exciting games. Given that Dead Island has developed a cult status over the past 11 years, we're excited to see what Deep Silver can do this time around. We'll see you in the zombie-ravaged LA.

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