Mark Hamill Explains Why He Won't Voice The Joker Again

Mark Hamill Explains Why He Won't Voice The Joker Again
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Tom Chapman


19th Jan 2023 16:50

All good things must come to an end, but did we ever really think we'd be waving goodbye to Mark Hamill's legendary turn as the Joker?

While Hamill is best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, others will remember him as the voice of the Clown Prince of Crime in various Batman cartoons and video games.

Even though it's great news that the 71-year-old isn't retiring yet, there's a tragic reason he's putting the Joker out to pasture.

Why Is Mark Hamill Retiring The Joker?

In an interview with Empire Magazine (via ScreenRant), Hamill explained how the recent passing of Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy has cemented his decision.

The magazine said that Hamill doubts he'll take up the mantle without Conroy, with the star saying, "They would call and say, 'They want you to do the Joker,' and my only question was, 'Is Kevin Batman?'"

"If they said yes, I would say, 'I'm in.' We were like partners. We were like Laurel and Hardy. Without Kevin there, there doesn't seem to be a Batman for me."

Hamill first voiced Joker in 1992 for Batman: The Animated Series, which started his long working relationship with Conroy.  Although Tim Curry was the original voice of the Joker - and all season one scenes were animated to his vocals - he was replaced by Hamill, who had to rerecord the lines. 

Hamill has repeatedly teased retiring from the Joker, with him originally suggesting Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City would be his last rodeo. He's since gone on to voice the Joker in Arkham Knight, the animated Batman: The Killing Joke movie, and (most recently) MultiVersus

Is Joker In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

As Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks like it's set in continuity after 2015's Arkham Knight, we aren't expecting the Joker to be part of the story anyway. 

Joker famously died during the events of Arkham City, and although he returned to haunt Batman in his imagination, the fact this story focuses on the Suicide Squad means we don't need him. 

Still, because Tara Strong is back as Harley Quinn, a simple flashback could round off Hamill's legacy in style. We already know the game includes a posthumous role for Conroy, so there would be a sense of justice if Hamill were here too. 

There's been no word on whether Joker is part of the ensemble, but remember that when WB Montreal told us he wasn't in Gotham Knights, it really turned out to be true. 

Whether we're really had the last laugh from Hamill at the Joker, or there's one more chuckle left in that purple suit, it's been a good run from that cackling clown. 

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