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19:30, 08 Jan 2021

Since its release back in August of 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has been a fan favourite for PC gamers. That’s why some people have moved away from traditional careers and instead opted for a rising industry known as esports. Some job opportunities in the field of gaming include becoming a pro player, streamer, or even a map designer for CS:GO

This kind of work has been considered by some as dream jobs, specifically from those who grew up playing video games. Others just happened to have stumbled into the market of competitive gaming and instantly fell in love. CS:GO has somehow managed to create more than a community of online talents but instead, a brand new line of work. While esports was once considered as a questionable career choice, it’s now recognised as a rewarding corporation. 


One of the more known forms of employment in CS:GO is becoming a pro player. This is something that most people can train for but is instead a job designed for prodigies. Some players are really good pub stompers while others are tactical geniuses. Some of the key parts to becoming a pro player is having superb hand-eye coordination, cat-like reflexes, and a drive to win.

Take Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev for example, he’s been playing the online shooter for years and has laser focus. His passion to succeed is often rewarding, which is why he’s one of the best in the game. But how does someone with online talent turn their hobby into a career? The first step is moving away from casual matches by competing on ESEA or FACEIT. Both platforms are great for finding teammates and showing off in front of your peers.


The main goal for any player is to reach the highest possible level on a third-party platform while grinding for elo. For the best possible chance at becoming noticed by an organisation, play with a team. Find a group of talented players who have the same goals at becoming a professional offline talent. After trialling the online sector of ESEA, move into a league after hitting rank G or S. The ESEA divisions include MDL, Advanced, Main, Intermediate, and Open. MDL is considered one of the bigger achievements for amateur players based on its potential cash prizes. 


One of the best ways to grab someone's attention from an amateur team is by creating a highlight reel. Simply grab raw tournament clips and put them in a video to send off to teams. This is the exact same thing that athletes do when preparing for college. The last thing to do is wait and continue to grind with different teammates and score some cold hard cash. After all, the world of esports is extremely competitive and cutthroat. 


For people who want to play CS:GO for a living without competing with the best in the world, look into streaming. Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube help players express themselves within video games. Some have specific skills, while others enjoy entertaining hoards of viewers. A lot of professional players have even managed to stream rather than retiring. It’s a great way to continue playing CS:GO without the pressure from a major org.

Make A Living From CS:GO

Since taking a permanent break from competitive gaming, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek has moved onto becoming a full-time streamer. His page totals at 8.8 million followers making him one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. While being a professional player helped launch his career, shroud’s personality is what built his fan base. The most important factors when streaming is being transparent, talkative, and engaging. Any player can stream a video game, but it’s the big personalities that attract viewers. 


Even though becoming a player or streamer seem like the only options, CS:GO offers plenty. Some people with experience in 3D modelling have become map and skin designers. Cosmetics within video games is extremely important, especially when it comes to CS:GO. The artsy weapons and treacherous maps keep players wanting more. To get into this field of work, simply watch YouTube tutorials on designing and get creative. Use the Steam Workshop for inspiration and as a showcase for a final project. 


Lastly, there’s the literature portion of CS:GO for those who enjoy research and daily reviews. Journalism is a great way to report on the latest roster announcements and in-game updates. Lots of people depend on writers for their daily dose of content expressed through words. Not only is writing a great form of news, but it’s always important for entertainment. 


Take time to create some rough draft ideas and turn them into a finished piece of work. Companies these days are constantly expanding their esports sectors meaning new jobs for players, streamers, designers, and writers. Not only has CS:GO made a huge impact on the gaming community, but also an entire pool of career opportunities.  


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