Luigi's Mansion LEGO Is Kicking Off 2022 In Spooky Style

Luigi's Mansion LEGO Is Kicking Off 2022 In Spooky Style
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Tom Chapman


4th Jan 2022 14:59

It's only January, but some of us are already looking ahead to Halloween. Someone at LEGO is clearly celebrating the spooky season, as Luigi's Mansion LEGO is now available to buy.

We're sure most of you have heard of (if not bought) some Nintendo LEGO by now, with the frankly brilliant brainwave of marrying Mario and those plastic-fantastic bricks being a match made in heaven. Off the back of the long-awaited arrival of Luigi to the series, the portly plumber's brother is getting another new set.

What Is The Luigi's Mansion Lego?

Late last year, we reported that Luigi's Mansion-themed LEGO was winging its way to a haunted locale near you, now, the day has come you can actually buy it. Who you gonna call? Obviously, it's Luigi.

LEGO has shown off a glossy trailer for the Luigi's Mansion set. It includes 877 pieces and is priced at a pretty hefty $79.99/£69.99. At least you get a bit of bang for your buck, with the four-character set including Toad, King Boo, Grabbing Ghost, and Garbage Can Ghost. Woah, where is Professor E. Gadd?

The ghost busting scientist can be picked up, but (of course) it'll cost you more. There's the Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set that includes E. Gadd and Gold Ghost for $29.99/£21.99. Finally, the third set is the Entryway Expansion Set $39.99/£34.99 - adding Polterpup, Bogmire, and a Boo.

Will You Be Buying The Luigi's Mansion LEGO Sets?

The obvious kicker here is that the Luigi's Mansion LEGO doesn't include the man himself. One of the biggest grumbles is that Luigi is missing from the mansion. LEGO has a clever business model going, meaning you'll have to already own the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course. That'll cost you a whopping $59.99/£54.99. 

There's a lot to be said for the LEGO Super Mario sets. Yes, we love exploring the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from backing you into a corner. What's next, a Princess Peach's Castle set that doesn't come with her? Sounds pretty likely. 


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