Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth will have New Game+ but you’ll have to pay for it

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth will have New Game+ but you’ll have to pay for it
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Megan Cooke


19th Jan 2024 20:06

New Game+ has become an almost essential element of single player RPGs, with the feature helping fans of a game to replay it several times without getting bored of doing the same tasks over and over.

While not every title choses to have a New Game+ mode, players definitely appreciate it when it is present.

This makes Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku’s decision to lock Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s New Game+ mode behind an additional fee unusual and unexpected.

Naturally, players are upset that they will not have access to the feature without paying extra.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s New Game+ is not included in the base game 

In a surprising move, Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku have decided to put Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s New Game+ feature behind a paywall.

Instead of being included in the base game, New Game+ is only included in the Deluxe and Ultimate editions, which cost an additional £15 and £40 respectively.

According to the Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth website, the Master Vacation bundle which comes with both editions includes “a bonus dungeon, a special Sujimon, resort guests, outfits, new game+ and more.”

Due to the absurdity of this decision, Reddit user Megasomark contacted Sega to ask whether or not this was the case.

A member of Sega Support responded: “I have checked back and can confirm that the New Game+ function is indeed only available with the Master Vacation pack.”

One of the biggest issues with this decision is that the information regarding New Game+ is not mentioned anywhere on the game’s Steam page.

This means that plenty of people who purchased the base game weren’t even aware that they wouldn’t be getting New Game+ upon release.

The decision also means that people who preordered the physical edition of the game will not be able to access New Game+ without purchasing additional DLC, and some achievements related to the feature will not be obtainable for anyone with just the base game. 

Players aren’t happy with the decision to charge for New Game+

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Unsurprisingly, this decision has caused some outrage amongst players.

“Charging for new game+ should be illegal," wrote one Twitter user.

Another said: “It's naughty enough to paywall the NG+ in the first place, but to deliberately hide it from your customers? That's really bad.”

Similar reactions came from Reddit users, with one writing: “It's pretty disappointing and greedy they are doing this. Fact it's a key feature in every game just seems so backhanded. Other devs also usually add NG+ for free if they decide to patch it in later.”

Another said: “*Sigh* well this is fucking disappointing.”

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It definitely comes across as a bit gross to lock a common RPG feature behind New Game+ in this way.

All we can do is hope that other developers and publishers don’t start to take note of this decision and lock more basic features behind paywalls in this way.

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