Everything new in Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain Expansion

Everything new in Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain Expansion
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Nico Fulford


27th Aug 2020 10:58

Legends of Runeterra received its third card set on August 26th, featuring brand-new cards, champions, and a whole region in the form of Targon. This expansion is already looking to be the best yet, and the team at Riot has outdone itself in every department. The card art, cinematics, mechanics and lore-building blow everything else out of the water.

Even better, for the next 20 days, players can access the Discover Targon Labs and experiment with six premade decks featuring new Targonian cards. There’s never been a better time to play some Legends of Runeterra.

New Cards, Champions and Keywords

Call of the Mountain is actually a multi-release expansion, meaning what we’ve seen so far is only the first of three content drops. The final release will be in December, by which time, Targon will have an equal number of cards and champions to existing regions.

So far though, Call of the Mountain delivers 89 new cards; 51 from Targon, and 38 from existing regions. Among them are seven new champions, with four from Targon and three from existing regions. You can view all of the new cards here.

The seven new champions include the Targonians Aurelion Sol, Diana, Leona and Taric, who are all sure to shake up the meta significantly. The remaining champions are Nocturne, Trundle and Lulu, who have been added to the existing regions of the Shadow Isles, Freljord and Ionia respectively.

Call of the Mountain also introduces a whole six new keywords to learn and build decks around. The standouts are Daybreak, Nightfall, Behold and Invoke, which are often extremely powerful effects that significantly influence the way you build your deck.

  • Fury: When I kill a unit, grant me +1/+1.
  • Spellshield: Negates the next enemy spell or skill that would affect me
  • Daybreak: Bonus if this is not the first card you play in a round 
  • Nightfall: Bonus if this is not the first card you play in a round
  • Behold: Bonus if you have a type of card in play or hand
  • Invoke: Pick a Celestial card from among three to create in hand

In addition, ranked has been reset and Region Roads for Shadow Isles, Ionia, and Freljord have been extended. A Targon Region Road has also been added, so there’ll be plenty to grind for in the foreseeable future.

New Cosmetics and Deck Bundle

Along with the new set comes a slew of cosmetics - all Targon themed. First up are four new emotes, all in the form of reimagined memes for you to BM your opponents with. Each costs 190 coins.

Also available in the store is a new game board called Celestial Summit. For 990 coins, you can battle with your new Targonian decks at the peak of Mount Targon.

You can also pick up the Sunrise and Moonfall card backs for 490 coins, showing your allegiance to either Leona’s Solari or Diana’s Lunari. There’s a new guardian on sale, so you can grab Cosmo the celestial puppy for 590 coins.

If you want to just start playing immediately though, there’s a new deck bundle available for 2016 coins. Featuring Leona and Aurelion Sol, the Celestial Radiance deck will let you start crushing opponents with the new keywords straight away.

As the next few months go by, we’ll be seeing more and more content come out of Call of the Mountain, so stay tuned here for more news and guides.

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