Leaks reveal co-op features in development for Pokemon Go

Leaks reveal co-op features in development for Pokemon Go
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22nd Sep 2023 18:22

A recent leak shows that a major co-op feature may be in the works for Pokemon Go.

While there have been several attempts at creating communities within the game, there is not currently a way to play co-operatively with friends within the app.

Players are hopeful that the new feature, dubbed PartyPlay, will allow them to play more closely with their local fellow Pokemon trainers.

A leak has revealed new co-op features coming to Pokemon Go

The Pokemod Group shared some information on Twitter and Instagram about an upcoming feature found when looking through the recent 0.283.0 update.

Within the game files, the account found mentions of a new co-op element, dubbed PartyPlay, as well as video and screenshots that accompanied it.

The PartyPlay feature appears to allow a group of up to four players to work collaboratively on raids, routes and challenges and provides the option to enable or disable location and avatar sharing.

The screenshots also suggest that there will be a search function to allow users to find relevant parties.

There is no official word from Niantic about PartyPlay at this stage, meaning there is no telling when the feature will be added to the app if it ever is.

Pokemon Go has been trying to build communities for a long time

There have been several attempts from Niantic to build up a sense of community. Everything from being able to add friends to annual Pokemon Go Fest events works to build friendships within the app.

Despite this, the sense of community has faded in recent years, with trainers leaving battles midway causing losses and fewer and fewer people playing.

Some players are hopeful that PartyPlay will help reignite the camaraderie that players felt back in 2016 when Pokemon Go was a global phenomenon.

Others would like PartyPlay to help less extroverted players get involved in the communities that still exist.

Either way, we are going to have to wait and see what comes of Pokemon Go co-op. Hopefully, Niantic doesn't keep us waiting too long.

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