New League of Legends champion Samira is coming on September 16

New League of Legends champion Samira is coming on September 16
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5th Sep 2020 06:50

Riot Games is keeping us on our toes with the upcoming release of Samira, as the Desert Rose prepares to make waves in League of Legends (LoL). Samira already looks like a formidable Champion thanks to her imposing stature, and if you want to take her on, we've got an important date you should be marking in your diary. With her Thanos-inspired sword and dual pistols, Samira is clearly not a woman to be messed with.

Despite Patch 10.18 having an extended stay on LoL's PBE and finally going live, it seems all anyone is talking about it the 151st Champion. Now that we know a little more about Samira and her diverse kit, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of when we get to see her action. 

Latest League of Legends champion announced

Riot Games announced that Samira will be going live as part of the Patch 10.19 on September 16. This means there are just two weeks until she gets to swing her sword into action on Summoner's Rift. Samira is known for asking, "Came all this way to die?", and plenty of enemies are sure to fall at her hands.

Samira has been described as a "gifted, ruthless marksman", meaning she has a real "shot" at becoming a firm favourite in a record amount of time. Of course, Samira isn't the only change coming with Patch 10.19. The beloved PsyOps skin is back after it arrived in patch 10.18.

There are even more Champions getting a PsyOps wardrobe, adding Kayle, Pyke, Viktor, and Zed to the line. Elsewhere, LeBlanc will get her Championship skin and the Prestige True Damage Yasuo skin has also landed in the PBE.

As for Samira's place in League of Legends, it looks like she'll be in the bot lane thanks to her gap closing and safeguarding on her E and W. That being said, her diverse kit could see her move to the mid-lane.

Despite Samira not even having come out yet, the hungry LoL fanbase is already looking at who's coming after Samira. There's plenty of hype surrounding Seraphine, as we expect her to stretch her vocal cords alongside K/DA at Worlds 2020. Either way, it sounds like it's a woman's world in Riot's multiplayer online battle arena game.

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