Kojima Admits He Was Disappointed By Metal Gear Solid 4

Kojima Admits He Was Disappointed By Metal Gear Solid 4
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Joseph Kime


14th Sep 2022 09:10

When they think of Metal Gear Solid, many think of Hideo Kojima. The video game auteur is one of the most recognisable names in game development, and with good reason - creating the MGS series before his ousting of Konami and his dance into P.T and Death Stranding has been something of a legend.

He's a prominent figure in the gaming world, and he's more than earned the throne - but it has now been revealed that he had loft hopes for Metal Gear Solid 4 that didn't come to fruition and that it seriously impacted him and his team.

What Happened To Metal Gear Solid 4?

A video from DidYouKnowGaming has revealed a new look at some of the cut content from across the Metal Gear Solid franchise. It's been confirmed that Kojima's plans for the series' fourth instalment didn't seem possible - until the team watched another development team create it before their very eyes.

Kojima spoke candidly with G4 in 2009, and revealed the differences between Metal Gear Solid 4's finished product and development. "There were differences from the beginning - when we started in the concept stage to the final product," he says. "But in the midst of development, when we saw the actual PS3 and its limits and things like that, we changed our vision and goals."

Kojima revealed that his plans for the game were to create a bold open world on the scale of Grand Theft Auto, but we now know that this simply wasn't possible due to hardware limitations. But it really took a toll on the game's team.


Kojima's Team Was 'Really Low' After MGS 4 Disappointment

Kojima goes on to reveal that the release of Assassin's Creed proved to the Metal Gear Solid 4 team that their cut hopes were possible the whole time, and it affected morale severely. "I thought [Assassin's Creed] was brilliant because it really fulfilled the basic concept that MGS4 had at the beginning: how you could go anywhere in the environment and also you could climb anywhere, run anywhere," continued Kojima. 

"We kind of gave up on this because it was just too difficult, but when Assassin's Creed came out, we saw that they accomplished what we were really aiming for at first. I have to tell you that my staff and I were really low for the next three days after it came out." It's incredibly sad to see that the team didn't get to make the game they wanted to, but at the very least, Metal Gear Solid V managed to create an open world that truly cracked open the series. It may have been late, but it seems as though Kojima finally got what he wanted for the series.

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