AS Monaco signs Kash.

12:00, 04 May 2020

Shortly after the announcement that Tigreee would be looking for a new home ahead of next season’s Rival Series campaign, AS Monaco have announced that former Notorious Legion third Kash will be joining their roster for the upcoming Spring Series qualifiers.

Kash AS Monaco

After a fantastic debut campaign for Monaco, in which the newly-formed trio was able to secure an RLCS spot at the first time of asking, the French football club had a dismal RLCS season, failing to win a single series as they were sent straight back to the RLRS with an 0-9 record. A month after their demotion, Tigreee was off the roster, leaving Extra and EyeIgnite to scout for a new teammate to try and rebuild with.

Kash rose to fame with a fantastic debut season, topping the stats charts as his Notorious Legion side reached the playoffs of Johnnyboi_i’s European Invitational with victories over European titans Dignitas, a veteran TSM side and his new teammates on AS Monaco. It was understandably quite a surprise when his removal from the ex-NLE roster was announced, with many wondering whether the Englishman had secured a tryout with an RLCS side.

As well as Kash moving to Monaco’s roster, former Monaco third Tigreee has gone the other way, teaming up with Tahz and Mittaen for this week’s qualifiers as both sides look to mount a run to the finals.


Image via Psyonix

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