Karma ‘wouldn’t rule out’ a CDL return in 2024

Karma ‘wouldn’t rule out’ a CDL return in 2024

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Jack Marsh


14th Mar 2023 18:16

As one of the Call of Duty GOATs. many players were sad to see the fall of Damon "Karma" Barlow in the Modern Warfare 2019 season.

Due to franchising, an over-seasoned Seattle Surge roster, and an edgy competitive game, Karma bowed out early. As a three-time world champion (one of only three players to ever hold that accolade), Karma's retirement was a shock to all.

However, he's never been too far away from the scene, appearing in show matches and fragging in Ranke. Now, it seems he's leaving the door open to a return years after retiring.

Karma teases coming out of retirement in 2024

Speaking in an interview with Dexerto, Karma revealed that he is considering returning from retirement in the coming years, and nearly did so just before the recent Major III.

"People wanted me to play in Challengers this weekend, and I was that close to doing it," said Karma. "I was pretty close because I knew that from what I had seen, it seemed like the guys were a good squad, and I knew who they were. I just didn't know if I wanted to go through with that."

But Modern Warfare 2 just wasn't his calling, and instead, he might just wait until the season passes and Treyarch takes over in 2024. "Personally, I don't think I would on this game, maybe in Treyarch's iteration, I will give it a try. I am not ruling it out," he added.

Karma is quite the Treyarch advocate, having won two World Championships on their titles (Black Ops 2 and Infinite Warfare), and much prefers the longer TTK element combined with out-play ability.

Karma eyes OpTic Coaching role this year

The first step back into the scene might come through a role coaching OpTic Texas. Having rejoined the organisation as a content creator after retiring from competing in 2020, he's now eyed a return to action as a coach.

OpTic's coaching roles have been quite up in arms recently, given that Raymond "Rambo" Lussier has stepped back a little bit to become more of a Head Coach rather than being all hands on deck, while JohnPaul "JP Krez" Krez has entered a more distinguished analyst role.

Maybe with Karma in the mix - focusing on team cohesion and flexing the individual brilliance that the roster boasts - OpTic could be on to a winning recipe upstairs. It's step one for Karma, though, whose raw talent is imminently returning in one way or another.

In a time where many of the Call of Duty legends have stepped back, Karma's return would be a favourite with the fans.

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