JGOD reveals easy fixes to "save" Warzone 2

JGOD reveals easy fixes to "save" Warzone 2
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Jack Marsh


9th Mar 2023 10:06

It's no secret that Warzone 2 is struggling. We knew that the second iteration of Call of Duty's battle royale would never hit the heights of the COVID-19 lockdown wave on Verdansk, but after the original hype, the sequel is slowly losing its luster.

A range of fundamental changes to the way Warzone 2 is played, compared to that from its predecessor, has left loyal players quite frustrated and newer players disagreeing with its difficulty, and it's in need of a helping hand.

So, popular Warzone mogul James "JGOD" Godson has now shared some tips for the developers, explaining how Warzone 2 can be "saved".

JGOD calls for developers to mix up stale Warzone 2 meta

One of the biggest changes that JGOD has detailed is the meta. Warzone 1 moved from the Grau to the Bruen to the Kilo and M13 at a pace that coincided with the season and mid-seasonal updates.

However, we're two major updates down the line in Warzone 2 and the same RPK meta has been boring the life out of players, and JGOD says it needs to change.

"A lack of updates and a stale meta," was the first point made by JGOD, with only the broken KV Broadside coming in to rival this class on the smaller Ashika Island map.

JGOD lists ways to save Warzone 2

Aside from the lack of updates and meta changes though, there is a range of fundamentals that could also change for the better.

Fixing the "crappy audio", "uninspired" and "lazy" game mode rotation, "zone speed", "sprinting", and a reviewed UI would "solve about 90%" of the issues in Warzone 2, and stop the title feeling like "a battle royale game that happens to be a Call of Duty game."

The YouTuber has often been critical of the game in the past, questioning balancing and weapon changes, but these constructive solutions could actually be what Raven Software needs in order to save Warzone 2 from dying completely.

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