JGOD reveals best 'one-shot' sniper in Warzone Season 2

JGOD reveals best 'one-shot' sniper in Warzone Season 2
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Alex Garton


21st Feb 2024 13:30

It's fair to say Warzone is the ultimate battleground for sniper fans, offering long sightlines and plenty of opportunities to land those deadly headshots.

Of course, picking one out from the bunch can be a tough task, especially given the golden days of the Kar98k and Swiss K31 are long gone.

While the default option for a lot of Call of Duty players is the KATT-AMR, CoD guru James "JGOD" Godoy believes there's a stronger option on the table.

This comes down to the rifle's combination of speed, damage and velocity, giving you the tools to become a dominant sharpshooter.

What's the best one-shot sniper in Warzone Season 2?

In JGOD's opinion, unless "you're challenging people consistently at 80 to 100m, there's no big reason to use the KATT-AMR over the XRK Stalker."

For starters, the XRK has significantly better ADS time at 549ms, compared to the KATTs at 728ms and the FJX Imperium at 607ms.

While the KATT-AMR does have an infinite one-shot range, the XRK can kill instantly at up to 80m, which is suitable for the majority of skirmishes.

Finally, the XRK has also got a faster rate of fire than the KATT, which is useful if you ever miss the crucial headshot, and need to follow up with another bullet.

Powerful XRK Stalker loadout is top-tier in Warzone

XRK Stalker in Warzone Gunsmith
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  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor XL
  • Barrel: Fission 60 Barrel
  • Laser: SL Razorhawk Laser Light
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal High Grain Rounds
  • Stock: No Stock

The loadout above aims to push the XRK's bullet velocity to the limit, making it the ultimate at mid to long-range in standard BR or Resurgence.

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With such a lightning-fast ADS, it makes it easy to snap onto foes, with JGOD describing it as a "hitscan" rifle at anywhere under 80 metres. 

So, if you're struggling to find a sniper setup that balances aggression, speed, and one-shot capabilities into a single package - this is the solution.

Alex is a Senior Writer at GGRecon. With a BA (Hons) in English, he has previously written for Dexerto & Gfinity. Specialising in Call of Duty & Apex Legends, he loves (attempting) to improve his aim in competitive shooters and will always make time for a single-player RPG.

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