Is Fortnite Getting A Michael Myers Skin For Halloween 2022?

Is Fortnite Getting A Michael Myers Skin For Halloween 2022?
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Tom Chapman


17th Oct 2022 17:17

To quote Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends, "Evil doesn't die, it changes shape." Some 44 years after Michael Myers first sliced his way onto screens, could "The Shape" be about to be immortalised in a whole new the world of Fortnite?

You can really tell you've made it when you get turned into a Fortnite skin, and up there with Iron Man, Ariana Grande, and Harley Quinn, gamers think Michael Myers could be the next big name to jump off the Battle Bus. Although we'd surely be throwing out V-bucks at the idea, don't get your hopes up just yet.

Is Fortnite Getting A Michael Myers Skin?

With Fortnite's family-friendly credentials, it's largely steered away from horror icons. It's true that we've had R-rated collabs like Alien and Predator, but still, it feels like we're a long way off getting Freddy Krueger. Even the long-rumoured Five Nights at Freddy's skins weren't an official homage. Still, there are hopes Michael Myers could find a new home outside of Haddonfield.

It's true that Fortnite has a Halloween-themed map in Creative Mode (titled Michael Myers Returns), but the man himself is MIA in the main game. Despite "Michael Myers Fortnite" trending on Google, the sudden uptick in activity has nothing to do with a leaked skin. Simply, the popularity of Halloween Ends and Myers' latest outing seems to have him topping people's "dream skin" list for Fortnite

When known leaker ShiinaBR asked what spooky skins we'd like to see, one fan responded and shared their hopes for Michael Myers to come lumbering out of the shadows. It's a long shot, but they said imagine if Michael was the secret skin for next Halloween. With some clever planning, the release of Halloween Ends and Fortnitemares would've lined up nicely. Sadly, with this being the end of the road for the slasher series (for now), a 2023 secret skin doesn't make as much sense.


What Skins Are Coming To Fortnitemares 2022?

Even if Michael won't be terrifying your enemies with his cold, dead, stare, there are plenty of sinister skins to get you splashing the cash in this year's Fortnitemares. As well as the return of some old favourites from past spooktaculars, we know the skins called Glare and Sorrow are on the way thanks to the Concept Royale competition. 

Fortnitemares kicks off tomorrow (October 18) and is expected to last through until Halloween, so there are sure to be some tricks and a few treats to get you busting ghosts across the map. For the time being though, Michael Myers is confined to the likes of Dead by Daylight while we listen out for John Carpenter's iconic score in Fortnite

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