Insider reveals 'live-action' Call of Duty TV series photos

Insider reveals 'live-action' Call of Duty TV series photos
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3rd Mar 2023 11:42

Aside from the gangster giant that is Grand Theft Auto, is there any other gaming franchise that can really touch the CoDverse? With fans keen for it to make the leap into another medium, is it time for a live-action Call of Duty TV series?

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since we first jumped into the trenches of World War II, but in 2023, Call of Duty has continued to climb to the top of the charts with yearly releases (apart from 2004). Still, it's yet to capitalise on its live-action potential.

Is a live-action Call of Duty TV series on the way?

According to a sketchy report from YouTuber Capo del Mundo, a live-action Call of Duty TV series is already on the way. They claim to have set photos from the series, which will focus on Modern Warfare's Task Force 141.

Given that they're arguably the most memorable characters in the franchise and were recently revisited for 2022's Modern Warfare 2, it makes perfect sense. However, things then start to unravel.

The insider claims that each episode will last for just 15 minutes, which makes it sound more like a web miniseries than anything else. We've seen popular games, including Halo and The Last of Us get the live-action treatment, with the standard being the one-hour mark for adaptations.

This series was apparently filmed entirely in Italy, with the first episodes having already wrapped and the production company hoping to adapt Zombies if it's a success. Surely, if Activision was working on a live-action Call of Duty, we'd have heard about it?

We'll be honest, these photos look like CoD fans cosplaying on a paintball field, while one of a woman being interrogated looks more like a dodgy porno. With no one notable being cast in any roles, we're going to park this in the conspiracy pile and set it alight. If you believe it, though, a trailer is coming "soon." 

Why hasn't there been a live-action Call of Duty?

Back in 2015, Activision Blizzard Studios was founded alongside the release of Black Ops 3 - aiming to release a live-action Call of Duty movie. Sicario: Day of the Soldado's Stefano Sollima was attached to direct, and he later told Metro he wanted Tom Hardy and Chris Pine to star. 

The movie was supposed to release in 2018 or 2019 to kickstart a Call of Duty Cinematic Universe, but in 2023, you might've noticed that never happened. Sollima gave an update in 2020, saying that a Call of Duty movie wasn't a priority for Activision.

It's true that we've had even more success with the release of Warzone since then, and with the wildest rumours claiming Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was circling a live-action adaptation, there's plenty of interest. 

Much like how Take-Two Interactive hasn't tackled a GTA movie because it thinks the IP is too big to do justice to, it's likely the same with CoD. However, in an era where we're getting a Tetris TV show, impatient players rightly ask, where is our live-action Call of Duty

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