Indiana Jones and the Great Circle fans worried after Xbox showcase

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle fans worried after Xbox showcase
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10th Jun 2024 11:20

With a crack of his whip, Indy is back. While Indiana Jones' journey on the silver screen has come to something of a disappointing end with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, there's a new hope that the hunky archaeologist can find a new lease of life in video game form.

Indiana Jones video games are nothing new, with everything from Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis and LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures keeping us busy since Raiders of the Lost Ark was released on the Atari 2600. Now, Machine Games is taking Dr. Jones into a new era with Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

Indiana jones and the Great Cirlce fans are worried about its gameplay

Phil Spencer rolled out the big guns for June 9's Xbox showcase, and while Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was somewhat overshadowed by the reveal of DOOM: The Dark Ages and Gears of War: E-Day, Indy still got his time to shine in a new story trailer.

The latest reveal showed Indiana and Gina heading to the Himalayas, with a dramatic scene taking place aboard a mountaintop battleship (don't ask how it got there). More than the graphics looking a little uncanny valley for some people's liking, there's a worry we haven't seen much of The Great Circle's gameplay. 

When Bethesda shared the story trailer on X (formerly Twitter), there was plenty of praise for how much of a classic Indy adventure it looks, however, others were concerned about the lack of gameplay that's been shown. 

One sceptic wrote, "Ok Indy ? I love it, but I have a fear the gameplay will feel or be a bit clunky most of these trailers you seem to avoid showing to much gameplay and when we see a bit it looks kinda janky," while another added, "Yea The punches look a little rough."

Someone else said, "Tell me this doesn’t look like it’s set up for a VR additional or mod after release..." and a fourth concluded, "I’m cautiously optimistic about this. The combat looks kinda slow and clunky. I have a love hate relationship with the Bethesda combat system."

With Machine Games being known for its acclaimed work on the Wolfenstein games, we've got high hopes that the combat and gameplay will be just fine. Then again, we're also hearing those complaints that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle might be another thinly-veiled Uncharted or Tomb Raider clone.

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