A 2-0 victory for Evil Geniuses over 100 Thieves at BLAST Premier, and we spoke with coach ImAPet following their victory.

18:45, 15 Feb 2020

A 2-0 victory for Evil Geniuses over 100 Thieves at BLAST Premier, and we spoke with coach ImAPet following their victory.

We’ve got the coach of EG with us right now after a big win against 100 Thieves. Got a bit tricky there towards the end, and perhaps few people were surprised. I mean, we had a couple of your players saying that you are the bogey to 100 Thieves, and results would agree. Why did it get so close towards the end? Was communication alright in the team?

I think they were just fast playing a lot and we weren’t ready for it, so they just they just caught us out of position for a few rounds, and I think we adapted after a pause. So, I don’t think anything was that big of a deal. We ended up winning so.

Well, one criticism that has been sort of levied against the team was that the stars are not all coming online at the same time. This was something that was true last year and it seemed slightly visible in this series as well. We saw Ethan looking like an absolute god in the first game and he still looked pretty good in the second one, but not quite close enough. Have you as the coach been trying to do anything in particular to try and make it so the team is consistently firing on all cylinders rather than say, two or three of them at a time?

I’m just a big believer like, if the system is good then everyone’s gonna play better. So we always work on our system and no one needs more attention than someone else, you know. Maybe someone’s gonna be struggling so maybe I’ll give them more time but overall it’s kinda more like focusing on our system and naturally you will just play better if we are just hitting that system better.

So the system, unfortunately, didn’t quite work out against OG yesterday. It was a very gruelling, very difficult series I’m sure. That being the first series of 2020 wasn’t quite the best thing in the world for you either. What did you say to the team after that?

I just realised that we are having so many bad like comm problems and our spacing was bad when we were running into sides or getting map control. Specially, on Nuke, like just alone. This morning we are just like, make sure you have a buddy, make sure you can trade and don’t get too far ahead yourself. Just have some patience.

Well, Nuke as a map pick is still looking a little bit shaky but hopefully we are gonna be seeing you guys bring out some new stuff as well in the upcoming games but one team you might be facing again, like I said, is OG. What do you think about it? Would you like to face them or would you prefer maybe facing off against G2 who is more of a known quantity?

I wanna face OG again because they are such a rivalry historically with DOTA. I just wanna beat them and do it for my org.


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