Iconic PS2 titles are getting remakes - but we might be waiting a while

Iconic PS2 titles are getting remakes - but we might be waiting a while
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Joseph Kime


22nd Mar 2023 15:00

We're all willing to moan that the gaming industry is dominated by remakes and remasters at the moment, but we're less willing to admit that there are game remakes that we'd drop everything to bundle fistfuls of cash into the pockets of CEOs for.

The industry may have made way for old games to return with a new lick of paint, but its reputation hasn't kept the process from working as an absolute treat, offering us a new look at our childhoods and reminding us that when it comes to the quality of the games we loved when we were kids, we were right all along.

And even though we've got confirmation that Remedy Games' early masterworks are set for a comeback, it could be a while before we see them.

Max Payne 1 + 2's remakes are still in the concept stage

Iconic PS2 titles are getting remakes - but we might be waiting a while
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Remedy Games

Remedy Games have confirmed that their long-awaited remakes of the classic Max Payne games may be awaited for a little while longer.

The team are working on a series of games now, ranging from Control's spin-off and mainline sequel, Alan Wake 2 and the mysterious Codename Vanguard - but as a result, the remakes of the games are set further into the future. 

In the company's annual financial report for 2022, Remedy confirmed that the package containing the two remastered games is still only in the concept stages, indicating that we're not likely to get our hands on them for some time.

Thankfully, though, we get a little more insight into the current stages of their other games in the process.

Remedy Games reveals the progress of their other games

According to the game portfolio section of their report, Remedy Games have confirmed that Control spin-off Codename Condor, Control 2 and Codename Vanguard are all in the proof-of-concept phase, Max Payne 1 and 2 are in the concept stage, and Alan Wake 2 is the only game currently in full production.

There's plenty to be excited about when it comes to the output of Remedy, but we're likely to have to wait a couple of years before Max Payne makes his big return. Here's hoping it's worth it.

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