‘I want you back’: CS2 patches the Michael Jackson bug

‘I want you back’: CS2 patches the Michael Jackson bug

Written by 

Jack Marsh


16th Oct 2023 10:04

Counter-Strike 2 hasn't been all black and white since it launched, with a range of bugs and glitches making the "half-finished" game 

Players just want to rock with CS all night, but the overwhelming number of imperfections is making players want to scream.

Now, one glitch has arrived and gone in the blink of an eye which completely broke the game in the most bizarre and entertaining fashion, as Counter-Strike has patched the "smooth criminal" bug.

Counter-Strike 2 players figure out a Michael Jackson lean bug

Counter-Strike 2 fans have been coming face-to-face with some game-breaking exploits quite frequently, but one fan found a Micheal Jackson-inspired leaning glitch which quickly went viral.

The bug involved players being able to plant their feet in one spot and lean over, akin to MJ in the Smooth Criminal music video, henceforth earning the glitch its name.

Players could actually use this mechanic quite frequently and it turned CS2 into a medley of leaning men in the mirror for a few days, but Valve has opted for competitive integrity over thrill-er.

Counter-Strike 2 patches 'smooth criminal' glitch

In a bid to heal the world, Valve has now released a patch that has fixed the foot-planting bug, meaning there will be no more players leaning around corners in a dangerous fashion and tapping your head.

Taking the most recent patch notes, Valve simply said that it has "Fixed the "Smooth Criminal" foot-pinning bug," much to the dismay of some fans who are crying "I want you back".

"Guess they just had to Beat It," jibed one fan on Twitter (X), while a more serious player added, "It was fun while it lasted."

Now, Counter-Strike 2 can go back to the half-finished game that it is, and players can simply ask each other, "Remember the time?"

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