Colby 'hockser' James has signed for XSET Gaming from eUnited. Tcorrell Leaves.

18:39, 21 Oct 2020

XSET Gaming has announced that they have officially signed eUnited's Colby "hockser" James ahead of the Winter Split.

Announced via their Twitter account, XSET have now acquired hockser, who comes in to replace Tristian "tcorrell" Correll. The 18-year-old American joins XSET after being placed on the eUnited substitutes bench as of September 13.

With a deciding fifth game versus Kansas City Pioneers being the downfall for XSET Gaming in the Fall Split Major, they will now have a few weeks practice with hockser before the winter split kicks off again. 

Hockser was previously a part of the eUnited side that secured fourth place in North America in RLCS Season 8 and was only recently swapped out of the starting trio for Tristan ".tristn" Roberts. eUnited find themselves 30 points behind XSET Gaming in Europe, with hockser's new home being two places off the five World Championship spots.

Adding to the news is tcorrell, who has since quoted the tweet from XSET, brandishing himself as LFT for the next regional split. This comes as a surprise to many, with tcorrell being one of the most impressive newcomers to RLCS. The youngster has fluctuated in performance, especially impressing early on in the season, but as with XSET's torrid mid-split form, he struggled to lead the pack. Where he may go now is yet to be seen, however, signs of rostermania are just creeping in, and there will be many changes before the Winter Split registry closes.


With rosters looking to finalise their squads in the coming weeks, the changes have just begun.


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Image via Javier Munante | XSET Gaming

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