Hitmarker, the global leader in esports jobs, is now expanding its offering into the wider video game industry.

13:30, 04 Mar 2020

Having become the market leader in esports jobs, UK-based Hitmarker is now expanding its services into the wider video game industry. The company expects this to increase the number of job opportunities available on its platform by a factor of five.

Having become the dominant player in the esports hiring space, Hitmarker is now setting its sights on serving the wider video game industry and achieving the same outcome there. Through posting vastly more jobs than any of its new competitors, and continuing to educate candidates and hiring managers alike, Hitmarker aims to bridge the gap between both sides of the hiring process and make it easier for all involved.

“We’re excited to go live with our expansion into the wider video game industry and to unveil all the hard work our team has been putting in these past few months,” commented Rich Huggan, Managing Director of Hitmarker. “We anticipate the number of openings available on our platform to increase by a factor of five, and on day one we already have over 1,000 gaming opportunities available, with around 200 more being added every day thereafter.”

“In November 2019 we launched an equity crowdfunding campaign with this mission in mind and now it’s time to execute. It’s a great feeling to finally put our plan into action and to show our investors that they were right to have such faith in us,” Rich continued. “We’ve added some great new members to the team to help drive this expansion, and believe we now have everything we need to make it happen. We’re all looking forward to having the same impact on the video game industry as we have had in esports.”

In tandem with this announcement and with a view of incorporating a professional networking element to its platform in the near future, Hitmarker has moved its domain to https://hitmarker.net.

Phil Huggan, Founder of Hitmarker, spoke about the domain change, saying, “Now that we’re broadening the types of jobs we offer on Hitmarker, it feels like the right time to update our domain with a view of focusing less on the jobs themselves and more on creating a true professional network for gamers. We’re also rolling out a lot of changes to the website including a fresh new design, saved job filters and an in-feed viewer when scrolling through postings. We’ll even be adding the much-requested dark mode! Soon enough Hitmarker.net is going to be the home of jobs in the gaming and esports industries.”

The new domain https://hitmarker.net is now live and already has over 1,000 jobs from the video game industry available on it, in addition to a further 1,200 from esports. Moving forward, Hitmarker will endeavour to make its online platform the most complete for finding jobs in the wider gaming industry and will continue providing value to companies with its pool of talented professionals that love gaming and esports.

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