Hitman player has hilarious 'worst moment to date' reaction when spotted

Hitman player has hilarious 'worst moment to date' reaction when spotted
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Lloyd Coombes


4th Jun 2024 10:15

As we've written before, 2023 saw a bit of a resurgence for stealth games, with Assassin's Creed Mirage and the spy-tinged sneaking of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty being great new additions to a genre that, perhaps on purpose, likes to stay in the shadows.

The genre is all about avoiding conflict, but one clip from the Hitman subreddit suggests that one player might need to go back to basic training.

Hitman player drops the ball with comedy of errors

The Hitman series is built around creative kills and avoiding suspicion, trying to make murders look like accidents, but this player got the wrong end of the stick and filled this latest run with them instead.

In the clip, Agent 47, dressed in disguise, walks past an NPC with a white dot above their head, which suggests they'll find his disguise "suspicious". Walking straight past the NPC's face (usually advised against), the character draws attention to our bald hero.

In response, 47 grabs a scalpal from his pocket and throws it over the head of the character, either as a misjudged attempt to kill him quickly or as a way to distract him when the guy is clearly looking right at him.

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Not to be deterred, 47 reaches for a silenced pistol and, with almost unerring accuracy, peppers the wall behind the NPC's head without hitting him. It's actually scary how close it is to killing him without actually doing so before an offscreen enemy tries to attack.

The Reddit comments are presumably tongue-in-cheek. "It's time for Agent 48," one says, while another says, "At least it wasn't Freelancer", the game's very difficult roguelike mode.

Another commenter said, "Honestly I would just sell my console and retire to the Carpathian Mountains at that point." We've watched it a dozen times now and we're still curious as to what the gameplan was with that knife throw...

Lloyd Coombes
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