Henry Cavill's Number One Fan Is Actually A Dog

Henry Cavill's Number One Fan Is Actually A Dog
Images via Heather Land

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Kiera Mills


28th Dec 2022 12:04

With many of us lamenting the departure of Henry Cavill from The Witcher series and DC Universe, there is one mega fan that stands loyal, albeit on all four legs.

Meet Rory the French Bulldog who has a shrine complete with cushions, photo frames and artwork adorning Henry Cavill's face. As she gained popularity on TikTok for her obsession with the actor, her fans started to donate items to the ever-growing shrine for Rory to enjoy in her downtime.

Known for her ferocious temper tantrums, Rory epitomised the French Bulldog way of life and often took herself to her bed in what was known as her 'tantrum couch' to throw toys out of it and in general, cause a ruckus.

Rory The Frenchie Has A Crush On Henry Cavill

Post-tantrum during a lazy day of watching Netflix was when Rory's owner Heather started to notice something odd. Whenever she played an episode of The Witcher, Rory seemed to calm down and become transfixed with the TV.

Noticing this only happened when Henry Cavill appeared on screen, Heather started to experiment with other programs the star featured in.

Rory the frenchie
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Heather tried a silent slideshow of pictures and other programs with his voice in the background. It seemed as though Rory was obsessed with all facets of the famous actor, with her favourite appearance being his role on The Tudors as Charles Brandon.

Henry Cavill's Number One Fan-Dog Has A Shrine Of His Memorabilia

Taking a step further, Heather produced a framed photo of Henry and placed it above Rory's 'tantrum couch'. Prompting Rory to stare adoringly up at her hero and thus began the first memorabilia to decorate the shrine.

Now, Rory spends most of her days in companionship with her many, many photos of Henry Cavill. Rory's collection of The Witcher gear has also been sent in by fans, who wish to feed the Cavill obsession.

We'd love to see Rory meet her hero Henry Cavill one day!

You can learn more about Rory's story and catch up on her Henry Cavill-inspired antics through her TikTok account rorythefrenchie.

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