Harry Potter Easter Egg Found In Modern Warfare 2

Harry Potter Easter Egg Found In Modern Warfare 2
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Jack Marsh


24th Jan 2023 15:01

Modern Warfare 2 has been far from magical so far - boasting more bugs than the Forbidden Forest. But, it appears that the wizarding world has impacted some Call of Duty characters.

Potterheads worldwide are waving their broomsticks at the prospect of a new chapter in the spellbinding story with Hogwarts Legacy. Before the wands are pointed at the dark mark once again, it appears that Modern Warfare 2 is getting the butterbeer out.

Just weeks before Hogwarts Legacy is rolled out, Call of Duty fans have found that one Operator within the game is quite a fan of the franchise, and dons an enchantingly awesome Harry Potter Easter egg.

Modern Warfare 2 Operator Found Sporting Harry Potter Tattoos

Pheonix-eyed CoD fans have now spotted that Infinity Ward has Slythered-in an avid fan of the magical arts into their game. Nora, one of the multiplayer Operators, is inked up with a familiar symbol. 

The British SpecGru Commander has been found to have a Deathly Hallows tattoo printed on her arm. Apparently, the Deathly Hallows tattoo appears on the left arm of Nova's operator and can be found in all of her skins. 

We're used to seeing people boasting a Deathly Hallows tattoo in real-life, but seeing it transfer into another fictional world is a new one. 

Harry Potter Easter Egg Left In By Call of Duty Developers

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Unfortunately, this isn't a direct hint at a Dumbledore skin arriving in-game any time soon, and rather a token towards the actress who plays Nova.

Abena, the actress who plays Nova's appearance, has the Hallows tattoo on her body, and it appears the developers didn't want to change a single thing about her looks as the only Operator in the game with Vitiligo.

Modern Warfare 2 might've benefited from some of the wisdom that comes with the Hallows' fable, or even Hermoine's regimented storytelling methods.

Hopefully, Nova can spin the resurrection stone thrice in hand to self-revive the game going into Season 2.

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