Hardpoint And Ground War Feature In Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta

Hardpoint And Ground War Feature In Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


22nd Sep 2022 16:08

Ahead of the Modern Warfare 2 crossplay Beta, the first opportunity for PC and Xbox players to get their hands on the 2022 instalment comes as Infinity Ward has uploaded a range of guides to their website. Importantly, it confirms the addition of two of Call of Duty's most beloved game modes.

MW2's new era launched with the addition of some very basic game modes in Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy, accompanied by a franchise first pairing of Knock Out and Prisoner Rescue.

But with the population growth and some early teething problems ironed out, the developers are finally giving players the real experience.

MW2 Beta Adds Hardpoint And Ground War

The second round of the beta is to be kicked off on September 22 at 6pm BST, and it's now been confirmed that both Hardpoint and Ground War will be added.

Hardpoint, which is the core game mode for competitive Call of Duty, was only previously available through the third-person game mode. Now, it appears that the objective-based game mode will be added to the normal playlists too. 

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The game mode will be slightly different from its usual five-hill rotational method though, with up to eight objectives on some maps. 


MW2 Beta Will See Overhauled Vehicles For The First Time

Ground War will be a major offering for the more casual players to bask in the glory of what Modern Warfare 2 has to offer and will also allow us to get on the Warzone 2 map for the first time.

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Played on Sariff Bay, a large-scale cut-out from Al Mazrah, Ground War will see huge teams operating to capture objectives and choke points within the map. Here, we'll also get the first taste of swimming and the new vehicles such as the Patrol Boat, Heavy Chopper, and ATC. The beta will be the last opportunity for feedback before the full launch of Modern Warfare 2 in October,

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