343 Industries is working on refining Halo Infinite's visual experience

14:58, 30 Jul 2020

One Halo Infinite developer has reassured fans after the game's controversial reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase. There were plenty of rumours about what was next for the long-running Halo series, which eventually turned into Infinite being an official sequel to 2015's Halo 5: Guardians. 

Some couldn't get enough of Halo Infinite's reveal, however, there was a swathe of negativity on social media as critics called out the game's first look. Even now, some are grumbling about lacklustre graphics and underwhelming gameplay. As Halo Infinite heads toward it's (still unconfirmed) release later this year, there's more pressure than ever piling on 343 Industries.


Dan Chosich is Halo Infinite’s Narrative Experience Director and closer than most to 343 Industries' upcoming game. Now that the dust has settled on the Xbox Games Showcase, Chosich has made his intentions clear.

When one gamer called out Halo Infinite's "sh*tty textures and worse lighting effects", Chosich responded, "I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to have expectations built + feel let down. I want you to know your voice matters + is heard. You’re not falling on deaf ears. I always want to live up to the legacy that Bungie pioneered. I personally care a lot about honoring that".

Chosich's words are all well and good, but there's no escaping the fact Halo Infinite has a lot of work to do. Even Domino's Pizza has poked fun at the game's reveal in a "spicy" Twitter post mocking the title's graphics. It's not all doom and gloom though. Microsoft has taken the criticism in its stride as 343’s Community Director Brian Jarrard embraced the "Craig the Brute" meme.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has reiterated Halo Infinite is a work-in-progress game, which seems to be the message Chosich has hammered home. There's also the fact 343 has promised a ray-tracing update after Halo Infinite's launch to spruce things up a little. Still, with Microsoft hyping the power of the Xbox Series X, the reality is that Halo fans old and new probably expected something more from the first reveal.

Image Via 343 Industries

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