Halo Fans Are Disappointed By The Last Of Us Series

Halo Fans Are Disappointed By The Last Of Us Series
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18th Jan 2023 10:59

In the battle of the video game adaptations, there's a clear winner. While its cliché to say the video game curse has been broken because the likes of Detective Pikachu did it years ago, The Last of Us will hopefully usher in a new era.

Let's be honest, live-action adaptations have been falling short for a while, with Sony's Uncharted being a mixed bag and Netflix's Resident Evil being held by many as a dumpster fire. Paramount's Halo was largely just fine, but now, fans realise what they could've had.

What Have Halo Fans Said About The Last Of Us?

A viral Reddit post explains the pain of Halo fans who are left disappointed by Paramount's live-action series. It's no coincidence that both The Last of Us and Halo have nine-episode debut seasons and massive budgets. However, one is pummelling the other.

While The Last of Us was praised as a faithful retelling of Naughty Dog's 2013 game, Halo was caught in a storm of controversy amidst confirmation the writers ignored 343 Industries' source material.

More than this, The Last of Us wasn't just a 1:1 rehash, with the likes of the harrowing opening set in 1968 being a brilliant brainwave. It carefully balances what's new and what's in the games.

Responding to the thread, one viewer wrote, "Man, getting me upset again thinking about the Halo mess up," while another added, "It's almost like people are happy when you follow the source material."

A third joked, "Them some sore master cheeks," which is seemingly a reference to Pablo Schreiber's Master Chief stripping off and baring his backside in one saucy scene.

Is The Last Of Us The Best Adaptation Of All Time?

We should really call this the Pedro Pascal effect, as the actor has never starred in anything below 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Back when Game of Thrones was in its glory days, Pascal played Oberyn Martell.

He's also starred in Narcos and currently leads Disney's The Mandalorian - all boasting impressive critic scores. All in all, The Last of Us is off to a flying start and is sitting pretty with 99% on RT.

The issue extends further, with someone in the Reddit thread concluding, "I'm still wondering why the witcher had to get the a**hole writers that once again think themselves above the franchise."

There's been uproar about whispers that The Witcher writers hate the source material, and while the showrunner has denied it, some claim it's played a part in Henry Cavill's departure.

As for Halo, we know it'll be back for a second season and learning from its mistakes. Producer Kiki Wolfkill told GamesRadar, "We will look at everything... We do sort of read everything on season one and we'll think about how we shape that moving forward."

Every series has some growing pains, but for the time being, The Last of Us is leaving Halo in the dust. Can it turn it around for its next run of episodes? We suggest the writers put HBO's show on repeat.

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