GTA III’s moon mystery has been solved after 13 years

GTA III’s moon mystery has been solved after 13 years
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Joseph Kime


15th Feb 2024 16:15

Even though Grand Theft Auto has no reason to fill its games with the mysteries it does, we guess Rockstar Games loves to take us for mugs every once in a while.

The franchise is crammed with little details that keep us exploring GTA's fictionalised USA , and with details like the Statue of Liberty's beating heart and ghosts peppered across Los Santos, it's clear that Rockstar wants to keep you guessing. We've been guessing for years, as some secrets have gone untouched - until now.

Developer unearths 13-year-old secret in GTA III

In a brand-new example of players refusing to move on from a GTA secret until it is solved, we finally have an answer for a mystery that has been 13 years in the making.

One bizarre feature (or bug - players could never figure out which it was) hidden in GTA III is that the moon would change its size once it is shot with a sniper rifle.Players have never understood why this is the case. Luckily, we've got ex-Rockstar developer Obbe Vermeij to fill us in on the bizarre detail.

Taking to Twitter, Vermeij explained that when the game's artists delivered the texture for the moon, nobody could decide what size it should be. By Vermeij's suggestion, the moon was made changeable in the game so that developers could decide.

The artists never got back to Vermeij, leaving the testing feature forgotten about, which is why it ended up in the finished game by the time it shipped.

Ex-Rockstar dev reveals wealths of secrets

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Going into further detail in the replies, Vermeij has been spilling the beans on some other details about the development of GTA III - including another charming little touch that he had a hand in.

Responding to one fan's question, Vermeij confirmed that he was responsible for the Rockstar logo appearing in the game's stars, making reference to the star in the company's iconic branding.

The replies are a treasure trove of details, and it's a nice reminder that beyond the incredible AAA studio polish, real people are behind the best parts of our games. Especially when you consider a massive moon the best part of your title.

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