Goat Sim 3 Ad Taken Down For Leaking GTA 6 Footage

Goat Sim 3 Ad Taken Down For Leaking GTA 6 Footage
Rockstar Games | Coffee Stain North

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Joseph Kime


22nd Dec 2022 09:28

At this stage, it's worth expecting that Goat Simulator will never take itself seriously, and frankly, why would we want it to?

The game and its confusingly-titled sequel, Goat Simulator 3, are perhaps the frontrunners in the race for the video game that pokes the most fun at itself. In many ways, it's this fact that makes it so fun.

Absurdity is baked into the DNA of Goat Sim, and given that it's a title where you strap goats to rockets, we wouldn't have it any other way. But now, it looks like they've pushed it a little too far.

Goat Sim Ad Pulled For Using Leaked GTA 6 Footage

Who'd have thought Take-Two Interactive would be sensitive around the recent GTA 6 leak? Leaks have kept coming for the game, as can be expected - but one absolute whopper a few months ago was so illuminating that it led to real-world arrests.

The world knows more about the new GTA title than it should have, and it looks like Goat Simulator thought that was pretty funny.

A new ad for Goat Simulator 3 reveals a mock interview with an NPC called Shaun, who boasts about his talents at ragdolling. This would be entirely harmless if it weren't for the fact that the character points to a screen that features the leaked GTA 6 footage, with Shaun edited over the top. Whoops.

It's no surprise that the trailer was pulled for this very reason - but chances are, this isn't going to affect the advertising of the game. In fact, it might even make it stronger.

Did Goat Simulator 3 Know Its Trailer Would Be Pulled?

It's probably not off the table that Coffee Stain North knew what they were doing with this ad, even if they put a lot of effort into the trailer itself for it just to be pulled.

To be perfectly honest, this action from Rockstar Games and Take-Two has served as better advertising for Goat Simulator 3 than the ad itself, as a lot more people are bound to hear about this scenario than see the trailer alone.

If it was an unprecedented consequence of the trailer, then it might be worth quizzing the Coffee Stain legal team, but if it wasn't, it may be a stroke of total genius. Who knew the goat had it in him?

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