GGRecon acquires Yugipedia and YGOrganization

GGRecon acquires Yugipedia and YGOrganization

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Jake Bannister


1st Dec 2023 11:24

GGRecon, one of the fastest-growing gaming and esports publishers in the UK, has added 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' community sites Yugipedia and YGOrganization to its publishing network.

Both Yugipedia and YGOrganization will continue to provide the same quality content that has seen each become so revered in the 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' space, with players of both the physical card game and its digital counterparts visiting each site regularly, building a consistent user base. Each site will continue to run independently while being able to access additional resources provided by GGRecon’s network.

'Yu-Gi-Oh!' acquisitions bolster GGRecon network

Yugipedia, a community-built wiki, marks the GGRecon network’s first foray into hosting a wiki community, with more to come in the coming months. The deal was facilitated through WeBrokr.

“The 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' brands that Dan and his team have created are a testament to their love and dedication to the game in all of its forms,” said Chris Young, Managing Director of GGRecon.

“These incredible brands collectively attract over a million loyal readers each month, a remarkable achievement maintained consistently for more than a decade. The 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' community has experienced exponential growth over the past 25 years, solidifying its status with a loyal fanbase.”

“We are both honoured and excited to welcome Dan, his expert team of contributors, and these amazing brands into our sphere. By combining our talents and expertise, we aim to amplify the original visions behind Yugipedia and YGOrganization, cementing their reputations as the greatest of their kind.”

"These past 3 months I've spent getting to know Jake and Chris have been some of the busiest, but most exciting times for my sites and me. A move like this is one I've considered for a long time but felt like the right fit just wasn't out there to handle the needs of such a project,” Dan Parker, founder of YGOrganization and Yugipedia explained.

GGRecon has demonstrated they are up to the task while still accommodating all of the needs for the success and future of my projects. I am convinced we are in good hands and look forward to the incredible growth opportunities afforded to us by this merger.”

“I expect the next year to be better than the entire first 10!. My team has been extraordinary so far and their continued support means the world to me. I am glad to have not let them down thus far and this merger feels like the next step in doing the best I can for them.”

“Logan at WeBrokr has worked tirelessly for weeks, putting us in touch with the right people and facilitating meetings to get the deal done. He has been patient, accommodating, dedicated, and most of all, successful.”

"I'm delighted to welcome Dan and the team at YGOrganization and Yugipedia to GGRecon,” Jake Bannister, Operations Director said.

“He's created a great set of sites and has a fantastic skill set that will slot in perfectly with our team. We're looking to strive forward within the 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' niche, and continue to look for additional acquisition opportunities in the future.”

“I'm excited for what the future holds with Dan and co.”

The acquisition of both YGOrganization and Yugipedia will bolster the GGRecon network with an additional 15 million monthly views.

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