Genshin Impact’s profits are annihilating PlayStation

Genshin Impact’s profits are annihilating PlayStation
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Joseph Kime


16th Jun 2023 10:50

There's no doubt that Genshin Impact is a quiet titan of the video game industry. Cornering the markets of infectious and fascinating combat, peculiar monsters, and an iconic art style, the anime title has been a champion of the industry for some time now.

Added to this, Genshin Impact is making its money as a ball pit of microtransactions. Many have turned their nose up at the game, seeing its anime style and deeming it instantly irrelevant, but they clearly haven't played the game. If they picked it up, they may never put it down again.

Genshin Impact's success is doubtless, and if you weren't convinced, a new statistic has proven just how much of a juggernaut miHoYo has become.

miHoYo made more money than PlayStation last year

Genshin Impact’s profits are annihilating PlayStation
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Good grief. Though we knew that Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail were champions of the market, a new stat has revealed that they're kings of all. They actually made more than PlayStation last year.

Sharing some new financial results, miHoYo has revealed that it made a profit of $2.26 billion last year, which is stonking in itself, but it becomes all the more unbelievable when Push Square compares it to PlayStation's $1.84 billion.

PlayStation's is still a ridiculous number, but it's dwarfed when compared to miYoHo's stats. This is again made all the more impressive by the fact the company is only really supporting two games at the moment. 

Honkai: Star Rail isn't even out on PS5 yet

Genshin Impact’s profits are annihilating PlayStation
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It's get bigger, as one of the games contributing to this statistic isn't even on PlayStation yet. Remembering Honkai: Star Rail is available exclusively on mobile devices and PC, one of the games dishing out the money into these stats actually isn't available on any console right now

Remembering Honkai: Star Rail is expected to land on PlayStation in the coming year, we expect miHoYo's profits to soar once again. There's no doubt it'll rocket to the top of the free-to-play charts, just as Genshin Impact, and who knows just how lucrative it'll be then?

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