Gears Of War Remasters Are Still On The Way

Gears Of War Remasters Are Still On The Way
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Joseph Kime


13th Jan 2023 09:41

Once upon a time, we should have had remasters of the core games in the Gears of War franchise, and frankly, they've been well overdue revisiting.

The series was pretty game-changing for the Xbox 360, especially as the franchise's story and gameplay managed to accumulate in Gears of War 3 - perhaps the series' greatest achievement.

Though player numbers have dwindled across the series, fans still have fond memories of it, and maybe a series of remasters could give the franchise a little jolt. And apparently, the comeback of the original games is still on the cards.

Gears Of War Remasters Still Coming (Maybe)

The Gears of War Remastered Collection (a working title) was once rumoured to be on the way, and we haven't seen anything of it - but the leaker who revealed the collection's existence is doubling down.

Contributor to Seasoned Gaming, PeterP_85, has shared the news that respected leaker Shpeshal Nick, who initially revealed the leaks, has insisted that the collection is still happening. "Would be a great way to recap and get reinvested before Gears 6," he says.

"I keep telling @JezCorden and @Rand_al_Thor_19 that I won’t back down," replies Shpeshal Nick. "It’s happening."

It's an interesting implication, and to see the return of the series' classic games this year would go down a treat with fans - especially if they went straight to Game Pass.

Would The Gears Of War Remasters Go To Game Pass?

Though we're entering the realm of theory, it'd be a big surprise if these long-awaited remasters didn't go straight to the Game Pass.

The latest addition to the series (Gears 5) made a comfortable home on the subscription service and bagged itself some great player numbers, so it'd be quite a shock if Xbox decided to ask players to pay full price for them.

A return to the world of Gears would be a great thing to see from Xbox this year, as Gears is in good company as one of Xbox's prime franchises. With Netflix working on a Gears of War movie, we say more Gears is certainly nothing to sniff at.

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