Gamers furious as EA pulls purchased games from their libraries

Gamers furious as EA pulls purchased games from their libraries
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Tom Chapman


22nd May 2024 14:56

Do you remember when Ubisoft apparently told players it wanted them to 'get comfortable' with not actually owning its games? Well, wouldn't you know, it's reared its head again? This time, fans are reporting a potentially major issue with Electronic Arts.

Known for its mega franchises ranging from Battlefield to The Sims, EA FC to the Jedi games, EA has some major IPs under its belt. With this, it's no surprise that there are plenty of EA titles that still have an active player base that might want to, you know, play the games they've paid for. 

EA is removing games from your libraries

On Reddit and X (formerly Twitter), there are multiple reports that players are booting up their PC on May 22, only to be told that content and sometimes whole games have been unlisted from their libraries. One gamer raged, "Games have been removed from your library. For an unlisted reason. Excuse me wtf EA?"

Another added, "I deleted EA app from my pc. It’s just the Jedi survivor games I’ve bought from that company, I think I’ll play on console only," and a third said, "They’re literally justifying pirating their own games." 

One disgruntled gamer wrote, "I miss when we used to actually OWN games," which further hammers home complaints about the 'death' of physical games and cloud gaming. EA previously found itself in the firing line when it delisted old FIFA games and scrubbed some classic Battlefield titles

EA is apparently on the case

 On Reddit, one gamer claims to have messaged EA and received the following response: "Here I would like to inform you that from today onwards we are handling most of the cases regarding the same issue and it is already notified to us from our dedicated team that this is a very short term issue.

"Players will not lose anything and this will be under investigation and will be resolved soon. So rest assured that this will be resolved very soon." As the OP writes, they hope soon is actually soon. EA claimed it had fixed the problem, but a quick scan of social suggests this isn't the case at all. 

It's unclear what the problem is, but with growing complaints that the EA app needs to be rebuilt from the ground up and others moaning about the state of digital gaming, it makes you sometimes wish for a time when you could dust off that scratched disc and play Battlefield 2 on your PC.

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