Game-Breaking X-Ray Glitch Found In Vanguard Just A Day Before $2.5million CDL Championships

Game-Breaking X-Ray Glitch Found In Vanguard Just A Day Before $2.5million CDL Championships
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Jack Marsh


3rd Aug 2022 15:23

Well, we knew Call of Duty: Vanguard was far from a polished article, ever since its first release. Over time we've come to terms with the game and its quirks, but this latest blunder is by far one of the most broken glitches that the game has seen, and it comes just one day before the $2,550,000 CDL World Championships kicks off.

Vanguard's experiment with adaptable environments hasn't gone down quite how the developers would have liked, especially in the esports community - whoever made that blue bloody window on Tuscan just wanted to see us all burn in frustration.

However, imagine if you could see through every destructible object in the game, while your opponents can't. Well, just a day before the biggest event of the year, one player has found a game-breaking X-Ray glitch that could jeopardise the integrity of the entire tournament.

Vanguard X-Ray Glitch Breaks The Game

Taking to Reddit, one Vanguard player has found an X-Ray glitch which allows you to be able to see through the destructible objects when aimed down sights (ADS). 

User "Beautiful_Local_2257" showed a brand-new glitch that meant that players could make the destructible items disappear. By aiming at the selected object, strafing off to elsewhere, and soon returning to the object, it would turn opaque for the one player, meaning that they can technically see enemies through walls.

The worst instances of this come at Berlin, where multiple bomb sites and objective sites can be exposed through the glitch. Even the painted glass structure in the main bomb room can be removed, exposing the entire room to the glitch abuser. 


What Does This Mean For The Call Of Duty Championships?

Glitches are all too familiar with the CDL at the moment, given that a crucial Grand Final Search and Destroy Round 11 was ruined by an unfortunate exploit. LA Thieves' Dylan "Envoy" Hannon was faced with a glitch that removed his gun after climbing up a ladder, resulting in his death and the loss of the round - thankfully, even though LAT lost the match, they won the game 5-3 to become Major IV champions.

However, this X-ray exploit is not an accident and requires someone to know how to achieve the glitch to be able to perform it. You would expect that the pros will add this to the Gentleman's Agreement, which upholds competitive integrity, meaning that they won't use it without facing repercussions.

Unfortunately, the same could be said for snaking (a camera-breaking mechanic that is supposed to be banned but is evidently rife throughout the league). Should the Vanguard devs not fix the glitch before tomorrow's championships, with so much money on the line it could ruin the spectacle.

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