Gambit Redgar Eyes ‘Surprising’ Changes Ahead Of Red Bull Home Ground

Gambit Redgar Eyes ‘Surprising’ Changes Ahead Of Red Bull Home Ground
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Jack Marsh


4th Nov 2021 11:39

Reigning VALORANT masters, Gambit Esports, are no strangers to ripping up the playbook and adopting a unique playstyle revolving around a Sentinel rather than the typical Gung-Ho Jett-Op composition. Having already reinvented the meta in their VCT glory, Gambit isn't ready to rest on their laurels though, and the Red Bull Home Ground will see them adopt some "surprising" changes, according to their captain...

Centring around their breakout star Ayaz "nAts" Akhmetshin, dubbed as the best Cypher main in the world, and their in-game shot caller Igor "Redgar" Vlasov, Gambit Esports blew away the competition at the VALORANT Champions Tour: Stage 3 Masters - gaining plaudits for their unparalleled approach to the meta and unorthodox approach to each round.

However, Redgar has previously been open to Gambit only being at 60% of the level that they aspire to be at. With an extra 40% of bizarre, yet cohesive, chaos set to be embedded into their uncommon approach, Redgar has now identified the Red Bull Home Ground as the perfect playground to add some surprising changes to their game.

Speaking in a press conference before the off-circuit event, Redgar said, "I think that this tournament will show us whether we are going in the right direction to improve ourselves, or going in the other way.

"What I can tell you is that we will surprise you. I hope you like our changes, or what we didn't change, but I think we will show you something special."

As to what changes Gambit Esports could make, their knack of flanking and causing calculated anarchy around specific bomb sites could be escalated by the addition of Fracture, which is enabled in competitive play for the first time ever.

Adding to the map pool, the importance of which is heightened by the nature of the Home Ground Series format, Fracture could appeal to Gambit as a chance to trial the map in a competitive setting before the VCT Champions. Having been added to the pool, Redgar has already taken a liking to it, insinuating that Gambit may have a Fracture-shaped trick up their sleeve.

"I think this map is really amazing in competitive," he began. "You can use a lot of strategies in the map that you can never use in a map like Bind. There's a new playstyle on this map that could never happen on the others."

The reigning VCT Masters kick off their Red Bull Home Ground venture on November 4, taking on the recently-dropped Ninjas in Pyjamas roster in the Group Stage. 


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