FromSoftware’s next game inspired by Escape from Tarkov

FromSoftware’s next game inspired by Escape from Tarkov
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Joseph Kime


1st Mar 2023 11:05

Elden Ring has been an absolute barnstormer for FromSoftware, building further upon the genre the company had created almost single-handedly. Elden Ring also set the bar for their games from here on out, so no pressure or anything.

It's a lot to uphold, and with the brand-new Elden Ring DLC announced, fans are already expecting that FromSoftware has another 10/10 masterpiece waiting in the wings for us to enjoy when the time is right.

Even though the Lands Between isn't done just yet, FromSoftware is already looking to the future of other games - and we don't just mean the return of Armored Core series. And it looks like the team's next work is taking inspiration from a peculiar place.

FromSoftware's next game will be inspired by Escape from Tarkov

FromSoftware’s Next Game Inspired By Escape From Tarkov
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Hidetaka Miyazaki has surprisingly confirmed where FromSoftware is looking for inspiration in its future explorations of multiplayer gameplay. Speaking with IGN at the 26th DICE Awards, Miyazaki hints that the future of FromSoftware's multiplayer games is already here in the form of Escape from Tarkov.

"I'm not really sure whether this is the latest trend, but the multiplayer elements that in terms of both technology and the game designs, we keep updating [them]," says Miyazaki.

"So I'm really interested in that as one of the fans and one of the creators. Especially speaking of [Escape From] Tarkov, for example. So I'm basically paying attention to those elements as a creator and fan of the game."

The super-tactical FPS may not seem like the most simple game to take inspiration from, but then again, simplicity has never been FromSoftware's MO.

Miyazaki talks making games in spite of popularity

Miyazaki goes on to explain how FromSoftware decides what to do with its games and projects, and reveals that success or monetary yield doesn't affect what they want to tackle next.

"Obviously Elden Ring is a commercial success," he adds. "Everybody's aware about that, but it doesn't really affect what we are going to create next. We basically keep creating the game that we want to create, and that's our policy. It's very simple."

It's a sweet approach to creating art, and it's refreshing to see that the creators of Elden Ring are only adding to the game because they feel there's more story to tell. Shadows of the Erdtree has never seemed so exciting. Well, apart from maybe a Tarkov-inspired Soulslike.

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