FromSoftware's mysterious PS5 game rumoured for 2025 release

FromSoftware's mysterious PS5 game rumoured for 2025 release
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Joseph Kime


6th Nov 2023 16:10

Since Elden Ring, FromSoftware has practically had permission from gamers everywhere to do whatever they want for a little bit. The successes of the open-world adventure rewrote the rules of the SoulsBorne, and has without a doubt become an icon in and of itself - so while the team works on titles like their latest entry into the Armored Core series, fans are more than happy to let them go on their merry way for a bit - providing they come home.

It looks like one of these excursions, though, will be pinned to the PS5, and though there are plenty of mysteries buried in it, it looks like some of them are just about ready to be uncovered.

FromSoftware's PS5 exclusive is hinted to launch in 2025

According to a new post on ResetEra (you know the drill - if it's from ResetEra, it's not set in stone, so be as sceptical as you like), some more details about the upcoming PS5 exclusive game from FromSoftware have come to light.

The thread reveals that a reliable source has claimed that FromSoftware's next game will be tethered to the PlayStation family, and some nifty maths in the thread's share to the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit has theorised that it could be touching down in 2025.

This is expected to be the case after considering that this title is thought to have started development in 2020, and it considers the timings of the development of Elden Ring and Armoured Core VI respectively.

Given Bloodborne launched in 2015, could we finally get that rumoured port for the tenth anniversary? Or, heaven forbid, a sequel?

What's next for FromSoftware?

The key art for Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
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While we can't be sure yet if this project is next on the list for the company, we'd expect that if it's set for a launch in 2025 then it'd take some kind of priority. That being said, we're still waiting for a release date for the Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree, so it's likely that the production of the new PS5 game will follow its launch.

Whatever is next though, given their track record, it's bound to be a belter. We'll definitely take it sooner than 2025, though.

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