FromSoftware Defends Making ‘Depressing’ Games

FromSoftware Defends Making ‘Depressing’ Games
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Joseph Kime


6th Feb 2023 15:58

If you've played a game by FromSoftware before, you'll know it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Because damn, have you been reminded.

Elden Ring is one in a long line of games from the developer that aren't just punishingly difficult, but also devastatingly bleak. There are corpses on every corner and legendary environmental storytelling that details just how sad and defeatist your current home is.

But, FromSoftware reckons it's a good reason for it and won't stop making games like this anytime soon. 

FromSoftware Makes Depressing Games Because They Like It

FromSoftware Defends Making ‘Depressing’ Games
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A new interview has revealed a small peek behind the curtain of FromSoftware's design philosophy, and it has confirmed that the worlds of its games are so bleak simply because that's how the team likes it.

Speaking to IGN in anticipation of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed why the games in their Soulsborne bracket are all so dingy.

"A lively bright setting is a little bit beyond FromSoftware's capability or experiences as a developer," the FromSoftware president says. "So it's easier for us to direct and apply our own resources on what we're good at, and what we're used to.

"And so it is easier for us to express ourselves within these kind of darker and drier and quieter apocalyptic settings than livelier and busy ones."

Hidetaka Talks About The Difficulty Of FromSoftware Games

A topic that has followed the developers everywhere is the difficulty of their games - and it sounds like Hidetaka is no stranger to tackling the controversial feature head-on, as he suggests that amped-up difficulty is simply to the team's tastes.

"These are things we've always sort of enjoyed and always prided ourselves on ... We always want to apply a certain level of challenge to keep it rewarding for the players.

"These are sort of my general habits when it comes to game development, and these are just generally things that I think we take from FromSoftware history, going back as far as even King's Field." 

Hidetaka seems to like it dark and dingy, and if he needs to get moody to turn out a banger like Elden Ring, then we're certainly not going to get in his way.

Either way, don't expect the next FromSoftware game to come out the gate looking like a candy-coated Kirby's Dream Land

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