Free-To-Play Skate 4 Confirmed As 'Skate'

Free-To-Play Skate 4 Confirmed As 'Skate'
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Joseph Kime


15th Jul 2022 08:52

At this stage, the idea of a sequel to Skate 3 seemed a lot like Half-Life 3 or Portal 3 - a mere pipe dream that we'd be waiting for until the heat death of the sun.

Skate is one of those series with a reputation that exceeds it, standing as an immersive and technical skating simulator. For the most part, Skate does away with the arcade stylings of the genre that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater established, and created a whole new gaming world for dudes who wear Creature and are super into Dinosaur Jr.

With plenty of rumours, July 14 brought a new conference from the series' team that shed some light on the new game - and it's set to turn the whole series on its head.

Is Skate 4 Free-To-Play

Full Circle's The Board Room Update was a treasure trove of reveals for the upcoming game in the world of Skate, and though we were holding out hope for a Skate 4, that doesn't look like what we're getting. It seems we're getting something better.

The latest entry in the Skate series has been revealed to be called simply 'skate.', but the team has assured us that this doesn't mean it's a reboot, remake, or rehash of old ideas - the name has been chosen because they feel like it's the ultimate experience of the series.

Not only that, but the title is also free-to-play with cross-play across all of the consoles it'll land on. It means that if you were hoping to get involved in the game, there's truly no better entry point. This does mean the skate. will have microtransactions - but we're told they're implemented with hard rules that meant it wouldn't mean for any pay-to-win practices and none of the game's map would be locked behind paywalls.


When Is Skate Coming Out?

While we're already itching to take skate. for a spin, it looks like it could be a hot minute before the game actually launches. Things are currently in "pre-pre-pre-alpha" if that gives any indication of how far into development the team is. When asked about a Skate 4 release date, the Full Circle team was eager to express that it'll be launched the moment it's ready.

The team can't wait for fans to get back to skating, and it's hard to express just how ready the world is for a new Skate game. It's about damn time - and we're absolutely fizzing with excitement for it. Skate is back, baby.

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