Free System Shock Remake Demo Just Dropped

Free System Shock Remake Demo Just Dropped
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Joseph Kime


8th Feb 2023 12:57

Everyone's willing to complain about the current video game industry meta of releasing remakes and remasters - that is, until a remake or remaster of a game that tickles their nostalgia is revealed.

The latest in the long line of classic titles getting a new lease of life is System Shock, the game that influenced BioShock into existence and remains one of the strongest classic FPS games out there.

We've finally got a chance to take the game for a spin. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, the System Shock remake is here and giving the Citadel Station a much-needed makeover.

A Free System Shock Demo Is Now Live

Free System Shock Remake Demo Just Dropped
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System Shock is one step closer to being back in our lives, as a brand-new demo for the remake has finally been unveiled. 

With no restrictions, the demo allows you to play through the entire opening of the iconic game while facing down SHODAN and her goons. A remake has been in the works for years but slipped into development hell as the rights have been carved up by various parties.

The demo comes as a part of Steam Next Fest - a new event that lets Steam players take a peek at the future of gaming, as well as dishing out some existing titles for free. All you have to do to bag the System Shock Remake demo is head to the store page of System Shock on Steam, and click download. Easy. 

What Else Is Available During Steam Next Fest?

If you fancy getting involved with the indie-laden Steam Next Fest, then there's no better time, meaning you'll get some brilliant demos as you do.

You can take a look at games like Rushaway and Spiritfall during the event, as well as System Shock. As an added bonus, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is completely free during the event too. It's a real treat, with the latest look at System Shock being the tip of the iceberg.

The System Shock remake will hopefully cash in on the recent success of the Dead Space remake and possibly lead to a remake of the equally brilliant System Shock 2. The future (as interpreted by the past) is finally here.

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