Fortnite Pro Defends 'N-Word Outbreak' Gun Video

Fortnite Pro Defends 'N-Word Outbreak' Gun Video
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Jack Marsh


23rd May 2022 12:40

A Fortnite professional, who recently reached the FNCS Grand Finals, has faced a huge backlash following a social media video in which he showed an arsenal of weapons before saying they are to prepare him for a "zombie apocalypse or a n**** outbreak".

Twitter user "Sin3278" posted the video to his social media channel, where an array of real-life rifles, shotguns, pistols, and accompanying ammo rounds can be seen, where the Fortnite player can then be heard saying the racial slurs.

The gun collection consists of nearly 50 firearms, with even more deadly weapons such as blades and knives being seen, unsheathed, on the floor.

Fortnite Community Outraged As Pro Claims He Fears An 'N-Word Outbreak'

"Just in case there is ever a zombie apocalypse, or a n****r outbreak, we got the armoury n***a," the user says on Twitter. With the video circulating on social media, screenshots have also appeared of the Fortnite pro saying: "I know I am racist and proud" and "sorry it's my biggest fear".

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With the clip circulating, a range of professionals have now called for the player to be permanently banned from competitive Fortnite, including the Championship Series and Cash Cups. 

One pro, "Youngcalc", has also gone as far to say that it should be reported to the FBI, as "he's threatening to commit a hate crime". As of yet, Epic Games has yet to make a statement, although it appears that the video and Sin3279's open racist behaviour have been brought to social media before, with tweets dating back to May 11.


Fortnite Pro Defends Racist Video

Despite the calls for a ban and the community outrage, Sin3278 has shockingly defended his video, in now-deleted tweets. The player took to Twitter to say, "I don't understand why everyone is so mad," before leaning on the technicalities by adding, "I never threatened anyone."

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The tweets have surfaced just hours after a New York man was fatally shot on the subway, as gun crime in America is at a dangerous high in this century. 

Sin3278's Twitter has now been taken down or manually deactivated. As to whether he will be allowed to continue to compete is yet to be known.


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