Fortnite players have had it with the game’s bot problem

Fortnite players have had it with the game’s bot problem
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Tom Chapman


15th Feb 2024 13:50

The robots aren't in disguise anymore, as Fortnite fans have had it with the game's bot problem. Like any big battle royale, there are problems with hackers, cheaters, and lobbies packed with bumbling AI to fill out the player numbers. Unfortunately for Fortnite, the latter is only getting worse. 

Fortnite has used bots since Chapter 2 Season 1, with the introduction of skill-based matchmaking being slightly less of a hot topic than it is in something like Call of Duty. While facing off against a blundering bot can earn an easy win, it takes the thrill out of the Fortnite chase. 

Fortnite has a bot problem

Over on the Fortnite Reddit u/eL_graves questioned why a game that supposedly has millions of daily players needs to populate its lobbies with bots. The OP asked whether this overreliance on AI players was fun, and as the comments show, you've all had it with bots. 

In the clip, we see eL_graves in the final circle with just one other player. As they blindly hop around the map and shoot into the abyss, it's clear there's a bot that's ripe for the kill. Easily picking them off with an Anvil rocket launcher, eL_graves takes the win and nabs an unsatisfying Victory Royale. 

Responding to the clip, one disgruntled gamer wrote, "Yeah they need to make the bots harder. They're now just bullet cushions that give away your position to real teams," while another added, "Fortnite has zero value without the competitive aspect of it. The whole point of Fortnite is to triumph over other players so you can be the last one standing." 

Someone concluded, "I don’t mind a few bots here and there. But I hate the whole cycle of winning a game and getting matched against crazy skill level players, then losing and having a lobby full of bots. That cycle is so unsatisfying. I would rather lose to actual players than get a free win against AI."

It's not AI, it a SBMM issue 

Fortnite players fighting as the circle closes in
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Others said that it's not the bots that are the problem, but SBMM in general. Another concerned Fortnite fan said, "I feel like the issue is that whenever it’s not an AI, they are much better than me. I feel like I don’t find many people at my skill level which makes fighting less fun."

Aside from those using aimbot, it's painfully obvious to spot the pros or those playing on PC, with most Fortnite players often feeling out-gunned in the standard match. It's clear that balancing is something of a problem here, and while Epic has largely clamped down on cheaters, this should be next on its list.

Many claim that they're turning to Ranked to get a fairer SBMM placement, but be warned, it's sweatier than a sauna in there. For the time being, some of you are happy farming those easy wins from bots like shooting fish in a barrel. 

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