Fortnite creators launch fully-fledged Hunger Games map and modes

Fortnite creators launch fully-fledged Hunger Games map and modes
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Jack Marsh


4th Sep 2023 17:15

Grab your bow, arrows, and Shockwave Hammer because Cantmiss Neverclean is calling. A Hunger Games mock-up game mode and map is coming to Fortnite.

The Hunger Games has become a classic novella trilogy and movie franchise since it first debuted, with a fourth film on the way from the perspective of a young President Snow.

But the survival-based franchise has never conquered the gaming industry, leaving Fortnite players to do the dirty work for them. Now, that time is here.

Fortnite Creators build Hunger Games 2 map and custom mode

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The Hunger Games is a model that many games have tried to replicate, possibly spurring the whole battle royale genre, and often being replicated in games like Minecraft and Roblox.

Thanks to Fortnite Creative, 24 "tributes" will be going head to head in a true battle royale setting, where only one victim or two from the same "faction" will be crowned victorious. The map is designed by the "SurvivalGamesFN" group and is replicable of that seen in Hunger Games 2's Quarter Quell.

All players will start on a mid-sea podium and face the choice of moving inwards to get some good fresh loot and assert their dominance early, or head to shore to get cover, find food, and forge weapons along the way. 

Fortnite players hyped for upcoming Creative Hunger Games mode


The group has now launched the map, five months after starting its development, and it has quickly whet the appetite of some of the biggest content creators in Fortnite, as well as many fans.

Jack "CouRage" Dunlop said, "The future of Fortnite is brighter than ever. Bravo to the team who built this map. WOW." "This looks amazing," added Ali "SypherPK" Hasan. Nick "Nick Eh 30" Amyoony concluded, "Hunger Games in Fortnite is EPIC."

Some of the biggest names in streaming aren't the only ones looking forward to practising their two-finger salute. The Fortnite Survival Games is now live, and players can begin figuring out if they are Ms Everdeen or more of a Finnick Odair, choosing melees or bows to survive and kill.

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