Fortnite Chapter 3 Is Ending Soon

Fortnite Chapter 3 Is Ending Soon
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Tom Chapman


14th Nov 2022 13:23

Well, that was a short one, wasn't it? Although we've only really just gotten used to the current Fortnite map, Epic Games is ready to turn things upside down all over again as Chapter 3 is bowing out early.

A lot changed with Chapter 3, as things were flipped on their head for a brand-new map. Although those rumours of the OG Fortnite map returning turned out to be false, there were plenty of new POIs and features to enjoy. Alongside camping and victory crowns, we also had sliding, sprinting, and those divisive web-shooters.

When Does Fortnite Chapter 4 Release?

Chapter 3 definitely lived up to its promises of revamping Fortnite after feelings that Chapter 2 dragged on too long, however, we're not quite sure why it's been so obsessed with Spider-Man. Chapter 1 ran for 10 seasons, while Chapter 2 was reduced to eight. It looks like chapters are getting shorter because there will be no Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5.

Epic Games has confirmed Chapter 3 will come to an end with an all-star live event on December 9. This will be titled "Fracture" and was teased by the developer during the end of the Fortnite Champion Series. A title card for Fracture popped up and simply gave the event's time alongside a vague description that reads "Chapter 3 Finale event."

This means there are just two weeks of Chapter 3 left before we open the floodgates to Chapter 4. What this does mean, is that we'll have a brand-new map to explore for the Christmas period. Like Fortnitemares for Halloween, Fortnite's Christmas content is one of its big celebrations. Hopefully, there might be a return to planes!

What Will Happen In The Fortnite Chapter 3 Live Event?

Fortnite has become known for its fancy live events, and you might remember when we all jumped on the Battle Bus to take on Galactus at the end of Chapter 2 Season 4 to break its concurrent player count. The name "Fracture" doesn't give much away and sounds less finite than Chapter 1 Season 10's "The End," but we expect it will all change. As the map was flipped at the end of Chapter 2, it may be flipped again and bring back POIs like Pleasant Park or Coral Castle.

Ending the chapter after just a year seems pretty premature, but some thought this was to do with the addition of the long-mooted Unreal Editor. Epic's Tim Sweeney has now confirmed that's been pushed to late January, but "Fracture" could be a hint at the next chapter having a focus on more fan content. Either way, there's convenient timing that this new Fortnite drops just weeks after Activision's much-hyped Warzone 2.0

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