Forgotten MW2 SMG is powerful & 'easy to use' in Warzone

Forgotten MW2 SMG is powerful & 'easy to use' in Warzone
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Alex Garton


7th Feb 2024 18:19

Although using the most popular and meta weapons in Warzone is the most effective strategy, it can get a little boring.

Sometimes, it's fun to use underrated guns that you rarely see in the BR as they typically offer more variety when it comes to gameplay.

Not only that, you can also stumble upon diamonds in the rough that deserve more attention, especially OG opinions from MW2.

Well, WhosImmortal has found one of these hidden gems with old-school SMG that has a "laser beam" recoil pattern and can compete at mid-range.

Underrated VEL-46 is a "laser beam" in Warzone


  • Barrel: Lachmann Dart 165mm
  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor S
  • Underbarrel: FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Schalger Soldier Grip

The VEL-46 may not have the strongest TTK in the arsenal, but its "laser beam" stability makes it simple to land every shot on target.

This is an underrated trait as it's so common for players to miss shots during intense skirmishes, so having that consistency is invaluable.

If that wasn't enough, it comes packed with enough mobility to glide around the map in Season 2, making it perfect for standard BR and Resurgence.

Finally, the VEL-46 can actually compete in mid-range skirmishes, which is a rarity for most SMG, so having the extra versatility is brilliant.

How popular is the VEL-46 in Warzone?


VEL-46 Warzone
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According to WZStats, the VEL-46 only has a 0.26% pick rate in the current meta, meaning it's effectively used by barely anyone in the community.

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Its reputation as an MW2 gun does give it a bad wrap, but it definitely deserves a spot on your loadout list if you're in the mood to test out an underrated option.

These forgotten guns from the past can catch enemies off-guard and with the weapons being so easy to use, you won't need much practice to master their intricacies.

Alex is a Senior Writer at GGRecon. With a BA (Hons) in English, he has previously written for Dexerto & Gfinity. Specialising in Call of Duty & Apex Legends, he loves (attempting) to improve his aim in competitive shooters and will always make time for a single-player RPG.

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