Top seeds hand-picked their opposition with some spice to spare.

18:03, 12 Mar 2020

Thorin and MonteCristo’s format from hell has finally begun to show fruit in the inaugural stream of FLASHPOINT. The selection of groups has come down to give a significant degree of control to teams in order to shape narratives and allow ample space to showboat and bring an element of banter to reflect the true competitive spirit that often goes hidden behind template post-game interviews.

The group selection was done by sorting out the top three teams as per HLTV rankings - MAD Lions, FunPlus Phoenix and Gen. G - into random groups. The three teams then took turns choosing whoever they wanted in their own group. Finally the teams that are selected in the end - theoretically those who would be second seed in their groups - get to propose swaps within a group or between groups. With that said, the swaps must be approved by the top-seeded teams using a voting system.

The final groups came out as follows:

Inaugural FLASHPOINT groups and first week matchups.

The matchups for week one of FLASHPOINT will be as follows:

Group A:
MAD Lions vs HAVU


Copenhagen Flames vs C0ntact Gaming

Group B:
FunPlus Phoenix vs Cloud9

Orgless vs DIG


Group C:
Gen. G vs Envy

Chaos vs MiBr


While the beginning of Flashpoint has not quite been as smooth as one would hope, the broadcast and all its doohickeys will be something to look forward to.

Image via Flashpoint

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